Hey Sam I just Wanted to say Thanks for getting our website done. You did an awesome job, everybody’s loving it. Most importantly were getting a lot of traffic and a lot of great feed back. Guys if your looking for someone to do your website, here’s a guy who is on top of his stuff, he knows SEO ya know , how to get your site up here on Google rankings… Everything….

Mike Beecroft & Kris Dehnert -


Dr. Sammy dude, you frickin hit it out of the park bro! Two weeks from start to finish and my site is already ranking on page one of Google. You saved my company over $10,000 dollars that we were wasting on those Bozos, who never got us anywhere. I’m so glad we met and I know we are going to making a ton of bread together. My staff loves you bro! Thank you so much!

Dave Billings -

He does a lot of things you would generally have to hire three or four different people to do. Sam wears all those tasks and does them very well so that saves you a lot of money and makes things a lot smoother. Also Sam is very quick and very reliable and very flexible, if its Sunday night and I have something going on Monday morning and I overlooked one piece I can no problem picking up the phone and calling Sam and saying ‘hey man can you help me out’ and he jumps right on it…

So he’s an incredible man to work with has done wonders for me and my company and I really recommend you working with him as well.[/blockquote]


Hey Randy Patrick here of coming to you from sunny Tampa, Florida. My business partner Matt Rob and I operate a multistate Short Sale investment company…

Another aspect of your business is providing private labeled coach and metric service to a lot of the people in the information market industry some of the top names we work with are guys like D.C. Fosset and Ben Carpenter…

We utilized the services of Mr. Sam Schwartz to help us get off the ground. Sam has helped us create many web pages and landing pages and has become a dedicated partner in our business. Sam has also helped us with InfusionSoft™ software. HE has created our marketing funnel and helped us enter in out products and services and maintain a good st around with our client base. Sam has also assisted us with our SEO campaign, Google Adwords, Email blasts all sorts of communication with our client base. Sam has put alt of effort and time into making sure we hit our deadlines often pulling all-nighters to make sure were operational when we have to be. If your looking for someone who is professional, knowledgeable and will give you his all for your business then you need to talk to Sam Schwartz.

I highly recommend working Mr. Sam Schwartz, if you don’t call him you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Randy Patrick - Owner/Broker WestBay Real Estate, Inc.


Hi Dr. Sammy I’m just taking a moment to tell you that you were just amazing in the local marketing meeting. I mean we all agreed that we learned more in that one hour that you talked then we have in the school… it’s just amazing. Well my father told me to go listen to you about internet marketing and local search marketing and boy he was right! I mean… We took your advice and our department has already ranked three sites into the first page of Google, wich is quite amazing. I mean if you weren’t married I would totally kiss you! 🙂 Thanks for everything!

Cindy Johanson - Marketing MBA, UCLA


I just launched my new website, that you built for me, and its already on page one of Google. I’m glad I trusted you! Your staff was the best… You made me look good! I guess all I can say is ‘thanks Dr. Sammy!’

Jessica Strong - Victoria's Secret Affiliate