Your Step to Online Success – 1 Click Up sells and down sells

Before you can use the techniques of 1 click up sells and down sells you need to know what do these terms exactly mean and how they can help you in your marketing. There are thousands of stores in the world who offer more or less the same products or related products. Though it is not impossible, but marketing your product in the correct way so that it gets maximum attention can be a daunting task. So what do you do? How will you know what are the best marketing techniques when you are starting a business? How will you make sure that amidst various products, your products get focused?  Sam Schwartz will guide you with his 28 years of marketing experience. He will take your business in the right direction so that customers flock to buy your products and services. He will teach you how to gain from 1 click up sells and down sells.


Up selling is one of the most famous marketing techniques whereby you can force your customer to buy more expensive products so that you gain more from the transaction. You may advice for add-ons or upgrades while giving him other options which he/she might not have considered. However there is always a way to do things and that is why you will need Sam Schwartz. He will design your websites in such a way that the 1 click up sells and down sells do not create a negative impact on your valued customers. In a business, it is important to maintain good relationship with the customers. If your customers are happy and satisfied with your services and products they will refer your website or company to other people as well. Their feedback is crucial for the growth of your business. So customer’s perception of the up-sell is of paramount importance.

Your Step to Online Success - 1 Click Up sells and down sells

Your Step to Online Success – 1 Click Up sells and down sells

Last minute product offers just at the time of checkout can double your sales. With our Up sell app you can create as many offers as you want at the last point of checkout. You can either offer them an exclusive product based on the products in the cart or relevant multiple items at the same price. Like if your customer is buying a laptop from your online store, you can offer a laptop sleeve bag or if he is buying a mobile you can offer him headphones. The whole idea is to make more profit by offering the customers the right products at the right time. We also design promotional offers and coupons like buy 1 get 1 or buy and get the other one at half of the price and so on. You name the discount coupon and we will make it for you. Sam Schwartz is a leader in promotional sales and he will give you unique tips to improve your 1 click up sells and down sells.

Down selling in internet marketing can be tricky. Suppose a customer has declined to buy a particular product or service and you offer them a better product at a lower price or an alternative product at the same price. This practice is called down sell. The benefit of down sell is that though you may not be making a huge profit but at least you are making some profit out of the deal. Since you offered better products and the customer had a good experience, he may come back to you at a later time and buy more expensive products. So basically you have created a loyal customer who will pull in other potential customers. But the results of down sell are not always good. A customer may be annoyed with the fact that you are trying to suggest other products even though he has made it clear that he does not want the product. Customers may say no to the original offers just to get better deals. Sam Schwartz will chalk out the process of down sells for your company so that you offer an alternative product which justifies the price. The down sell will just not be a cheaper version of the original product, rather it will be a related product but at the right price. 1 Click Up sells and down sells click wonderfully when you place them at the correct web pages. The behavioral pattern of the clients, the geographical area and the kind of services or products being offered should be kept in mind while placing the offers on your web pages. We will do a bit of research for you and try to analyze why some of the products were earlier rejected by the clients and what are the clients exactly looking for. If you are able to lessen the gap between what they want and what is on offer then there can be no stopping to your business growth. Understanding the needs of the customer is the primary concern.

There are different methods that Sam Schwartz undertakes for successfully implementing 1 click up sells and down sells. When a customer uses the one click operation for an additional offer, the system instantly and automatically recharges the card which means they don’t have to enter further information. This guarantees quick sales and more profit.  We can add an automated digital delivery so that customers are logged into Customer Center where they can see all their purchases and download their digital products from one location. We can create unlimited up sell and down sell paths which will be extremely simple to use but highly lucrative.

Your Step to Online Success – 1 Click Up sells and down sells