Beat the Marketing Woes with Incredible Offer on Package and Product Design

There are many questions that a marketer must answer before marketing a product.  The physical product is but one part of a long process.  Once a product is designed and developed it must be marketed effectively so that it sells in enough numbers to generate a profit. From a management point of view it is best to let the experts be the guide. The process of new product development is a time consuming exercise. It is complicated and filled with hazards unless one is guided by an expert. Most new products fail even after millions are spend on research and development. Sam Schwartz is the leading expert when it comes to the design aspect of a product. Check out the package and product design on the website for all queries.


In order to make an informed choice one must brush up on the basics. The most basic question is what is packaging? Is it same as packing? Often we use the two interchangeably. Packaging is the entirety and packing is a part of the whole. Packaging is all about using existing technology to protect the product. It is also used to explain the entire process of developing and designing the material that ensconces a product. The physical pack that contains a product also needs to be attractive and give the information as required by the authorities. In short it serves not only to protect the content but also as a marketing device. In fact they serve several very important functions in increasing the shelf life of the product. It offers physical and barrier protection. The product is safeguarded against change in temperature, dust and other impurities, contamination, protection from shock and other similar dangers. Food and drugs are often kept in a prescribed environment so that they do not rot.  Drugs and food stuff also need to mention their expiry date, the exact amount of ingredients, the dosage, and warning for children along with directions for usage as mandated by law. This law varies from state to state and country to country. Sam Schwartz is the one stop shop for all the package and product design queries.


Beat the Marketing Woes with Incredible Offer on Package and Product Design

The secondary packaging which consists of boxes and crates make them easy to handle during shipment. Their order quantity also plays a significant role in determining how they are shipped. We know that glass and ceramic packaging will be different from the packaging of electronic equipments. Handling directions also need to be printed on these external materials. The aim is to keep things as they were at the factory or warehouse. When a product is damaged in transit the onus is on the manufacturer to make a replacement or refund payment. Transport companies are more often than not insured against damages that may occur on the road. Having the right package and product design policy will help you gain the mindshare that you seek and prevent damages to goods in transit. The labels on the products help the marketer to disseminate information about the frequency and usage directions. The barcodes help companies track their cycle starting from the dispatch at the factory floors.  It also helps to track and recall product in case there is a malfunction or contamination. The attractive design also helps to attract buyers. This is particularly true for fast moving consumer goods.  Apart from these obvious benefits of having a sound packaging policy there are others as well. Sam Schwartz will help you decide which need to prioritize.



There are measures that one has to take to avoid unnecessary litigations when one product resembles another too closely. In order to avoid expensive litigations one must make the offering distinctive and one that consumers would not easily forget. It is not always possible to gain share without spending a hefty amount on design and development but there are ways to be smart about spending resource. Sam Schwartz will help you in making the correct choice. Package designs need to be hardy and the material such that it does not drain your resource. It needs to be hard and innovative to copy by the competition. Markets are flooded with counterfeits make sure you do not fall a prey to it.  You will lose out on money and more importantly the reputation of your business will take a direct hit because the counterfeits will never live up to the original. Use technology wisely so that what you market is genuine and tamper resistant. Do not fall far cheaper options without understanding the consequence. There are government rules when it comes to packaging materials and the kind to use for each product. Always make an informed decision. Sam Schwartz will not let you be fooled when it comes to package and product design decisions.

Lastly, the right design gives you an edge over pesky competition. The design depends upon the amount you want to sell. So keep it in mind that you control the quantity you sell through the container. Small quantities may help you achieve revenue at the initial introductory stage. Remember to have sample sizes that are different from the actual size or quantity you sell. It is easier to persuade a customer to try less. On the other hand larger sizes help you to break even quickly. Economies of scale kick in and costs come down. Therefore, when making the final call, ask yourself about your product, its stage in life cycle and the consumer mindset. It is okay to not have all the information that you want or need to make a decision, call in Sam Schwartz and let the experts in package and product design be your guiding light.

Beat the Marketing Woes with Incredible Offer on Package and Product Design